How to choose frames online

It's all up to your personal likings and dislikings to choose the frames that best fit you. Though it is a tough question to answer, there are several concerns we should be aware of before determining which frame is a wise selection for you.

1.Face Shape
2.Skin color and personality
4.Frame Size


Eyeglasses and face shape

Your face shape is the first concern. Always choose the frames with the shapes opposite to your face shape, for example, boxy or rectangular frames work well with round faces, and vice versa. You are lucky if your face is oval one, which flatters most of the frames.

A round pair of eyeglasses cannot fit all eyewear users satisfactorily. Eyeglass wearers usually need to resort to a specific frame shape that will complement their facial features best. For this reason, every customer should also avoid eyeglasses in certain frame shapes.

Each pair of eyeglasses only flatters certain types of faces. The criterion is that the frame shape should basically contrast with the wearer's face shape. It is necessary for each customer to know exactly his or her own face shape.

1. Oval Face Shape:

People with oval faces are in luck pretty much any frame style will suit them. With a jawline that’s slightly narrower than the forehead, complemented by high, angled cheekbones. This kind of face shape is proportional and versatile when it comes to picking glasses, but we do recommend rectangular or cat-eye frames to truly shine.

2. Square Face Shape:

With a square face that usually has a broad forehead and strong jawline, you want to choose frames that soften the features and elongate the face shape. You won’t go wrong with round or oval frames, while you should try and avoid angular and rectangular styles.

3. Heart-Shaped Face:

The heart-shaped face usually means a broad forehead and wide cheekbones that narrow down to a small chin. A lot of styles, especially oval & cat-eye with a wide nose bridge work well here; rimless glasses and heart-shaped faces are a match made in heaven. Try to avoid aviators and dominant browlines.

4. Round Face Shape:

Round faces are relatively short, have (surprise surprise) a rounded chin, full cheeks and a wide forehead. Sharper angles are needed to compliment this face shape. We recommend rectangular and square frames, the narrower the better, to help elongate the face and add a complimenting contrast. Stay away from rounder or oversized styles.

5. Oblong Face Shape:

Oblong faces are longer than they are wide, and have long, straight and relatively thin cheek lines. As with other face shapes, the way to compliment an oblong face is by contrasting its features. Wide aviators or square frames will do just that. Look to avoid narrow, rectangular frames that make your face seem even longer.

6. Diamond-Shaped Face:

The diamond face shape is narrow at the jaw and eyeline, complemented by high & broad cheekbones. The best styles to offset these features have prominent browlines. Semi-rimless frames and curvy cat-eyes are recommended. Try avoiding narrow frames that draw too much attention to the narrow eyeline.

Skin color

Skin color is the second consideration. Choose the frames which match your complexion. People with a warm skin tone normally look good in the frames in colors like gold, copper, orange, red and yellow. For people of cold skin tone, frames in black, brown and blue will be good choices.

Lifestyle and personality

Your lifestyle and personality is the major determinant in choosing your frames. You may choose sheerly differentiated eyeglasses for yourself just for different occasions. We strive to enable our valued customers to buy multiple pairs of eyeglasses to create a real eyewear wardrobe.

Try On

The easiest way is to use the try on function on our website and upload a selfie to clearly see if this frame is suitable for you. It should be noted that at present, our try on function does not support size adaptation, so the frame size needs to be selected according to your own situation.

Where is try on button?

try on button in the upper left corner of the product picture on each product page


glasses try on


glasses try on

How do I find the perfect size frame?