1. Six Eyeglasses Trends To Steal From Your Fave TV Shows

    Six Eyeglasses Trends To Steal From Your Fave TV Shows

    Whenever it comes to fashions, the only constant is change. Which one we once referred to as grandfather glasses may be all the rage today. Gone are the times when purchasing glasses was just as simple as selecting a pair from a limited selection. Today, as creatives revisit classics, explore with vibrant colors, and emphasize eye-catching details in eyewear, men find it difficult to keep with the ever-changing market trend. Discovering a slayer pair on their own is a Huge challenge. That's why men—more than anyone -- get a jump on the year's biggest eyeglasses trends in 2021. Continue reading for our roundup of all the bold upgrades that will put you one step ahead of the competition this year.

    1. Horn Rimmed

    Subtle fastened frame fronts have become a consistent trend in men's eyeglass fashion. Horn-rimmed spectacles originally came in the 1800s & increased in popularity gradually

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  2. How To Stop Glasses From Fogging Up With Masks And Face Coverings?

    How To Stop Glasses From Fogging Up With Masks And Face Coverings?

    Do your spectacles fog up whenever you lace up a facial mask or another form of facial covering? Have you ever noticed how mist engulfs your lenses with each exhalation?

    When you exhale warm air, some of it may escape through the top of the mask, fogging the lenses. Because your mask is not snug enough, condensation forms on your spectacles when warm air collides with the cool surface of your lenses.

    Say bye to Foggy glasses with masks with all these quick fixes, which include purchasing a new pair of glasses from us. Consider the following five methods for preventing spectacles from fogging up.

    Five ways to keep your glasses from fogging up

    1. Consider anti-fog lenses -


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  3. Guide To Buying The Best Progressive Eyeglasses Online

    Guide To Buying The Best Progressive Eyeglasses Online

    Guide To Buying The Best Progressive Eyeglasses

    After you have evaluated your face shape, frame size and carefully selected your frame style, it can be boiled down to lenses, which cover the technical aspects of glasses. It is true and unavoidable that all patients prescribe according to their vision requirements. In terms of glasses measurement and size, there are many ways to find the best position, but for lenses, the more we read, the more we understand their advantages and disadvantages for our glasses. With some breakthroughs in the glasses industry, we can easily obtain three kinds of lenses that perform well in their respective fields.
    We can wear Reading lenses, Distance, Bifocal lenses and progressive lenses. Each lens has its own expertise in improving vision. However, compared with the aforementioned, progressive lenses or non-bifocal lenses are more capable of three-way vision. According to statistics, this lens type
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  4. Why Use Computer Eyeglasses?

    Why Use Computer Eyeglasses?

    This is the computer age. More than 200 million Americans spend a lot of time everyday working or studying on a computer. And according to many researches, more than 80% of them are suffering from computer vision syndrome (CVS). This is a medical condition occurred because of prolonged use of computer that arises many vision problems, as eyestrain, dry eyes, blurred vision and headaches. Almost all eye care professionals suggest wearing computer eyeglasses to avoid these vision problems.

    "There is no longer any doubt that computer vision syndrome is a very real health condition and that it adversely affects work performance." says VSP network Doctor Stephen Glaser, O.D. of Washington, D.C., and recommends computer eyeglasses.

    You focus your eyes from a closer range to view the screen through the bottom portion of the lens for long periods while working on a computer. This unnatural situation develops infrequent breaks of eye focus from the screen. This

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  5. How to Choose Sunglasses to Protect Eyes

    How to Choose Sunglasses to Protect Eyes

    Sunglasses protect our eyes during summer. Its use makes it easier to see in the sun. An important advantage of its use is that it protects us from ultraviolet rays. But it is necessary to choose the right sunglasses to protect the eyes from the sun. Therefore, while buying Sunglasses, take special care of these six things.

    • Don't worry about the price- It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to buy 100% UV ray protection glasses. You can also get glasses that protect against UV rays for less money.
    • 100% UV Rays Protection Tag- When buying sunglasses look a sticker/tag of "100% UV protection", which tells you that it protects the eyes from UV rays. Often people are very worried about this matter.
    • Big glasses are more beneficial- Buy glasses that cover the maximum area, so that more UV rays can be avoided. For this you buy wraparound style or large size
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  6. Progressive Eyewear for Eye Safety

    Progressive Eyewear for Eye Safety

    Have you ever been sidelined from a game because of an eye injury? Do you often indulge in sports or other activities which require you to be in contact with balls, sticks, or other flyaway objects? If so, then it is paramount that you use Progressive eyewear.

    What Is Progressive Eyewear?

    Progressive eyewear is eyeglasses or goggles that are made especially to protect your eyes and consequently your vision. Injuries to the eye, because of sports such as basketball, baseball, handball, and also swimming, are increasing at an alarming rate. Working around the house with hammers or axes, and even working on the job, can lead to serious eye injuries.

    According to statistics, the highest numbers of eye injuries are sports related. It is estimated that more than 100,000 people, every year, suffer some or the other kind of eye injury due to sports, which can severely affect their vision, and even cause people to lose their eyesight completely.

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  7. Some Great Benefits of Wearing Tr90 Frames

    Some Great Benefits of Wearing Tr90 Frames

    In this life, when it comes time to correct vision, we all need a pair of glasses. Nowadays, vision-related problems are at their peak. Therefore, most of us need a pair of high-quality prescription glasses to protect their precious eyesight in order to see this beautiful world more fascinatingly.

    Although in fact some good foods can play an important role in maintaining the best vision in our life, we also need some of the best glasses when wearing glasses.

    So, how can we get the best elements that can correct vision and wear such glasses, which are light and not fragile, and can accompany the eyes for a long time? In addition, we will discuss one of the best types of frames, which are in great demand nowadays due to their excellent quality!

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  8. Know Importance of Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Eyes

    Know Importance of Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Eyes

    As the problems of visual fatigue and myopia caused by electronic products have become increasingly prominent, anti-blue glasses have begun to sell well. These glasses advertise that they can "block the harmful blue light emitted by electronic products", "relieve eye fatigue", and even "prevent myopia", and are called "eye protection artifacts. So read this article and buy best blue light blocking glasses for you.

    Understand briefly what blue light is?

    Blue light can be seen everywhere in daily life, but the main source of harmful blue light is the LED LCD screen. Today's LCD screens are all LED backlights. Since the backlight requires the effect of white light, the industry uses blue LEDs mixed with yellow phosphors to form white light. Since the blue LED is the main hardware, the blue spectrum of this white light

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  9. How to Choose Glasses Frame

    How to Choose Glasses Frame

    When choosing a spectacle frame, the size of the lens ring and the height of the nose pad will affect the position of the lens, which will produce different correction effects. Some special lenses have specific requirements on the size and shape of the lens, so when choosing a spectacle frame, Not only need to consider aesthetic factors, but also need to consider the wearing comfort of the frame. Wearing comfort is affected by many factors such as frame ma

    terial, lens size, and frame fit. After comprehensively considering the frame's aesthetics, functionality,

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  10. Basic knowledge and selection of glasses

    1. The basic technical parameters of the lens

    The refractive index

    reflects the ability of the lens to refract light. The resin lens is generally between 1.49 and 1.74, and the glass lens is generally between 1.523 and 1.9. The larger the refractive index, the thinner and more beautiful the lens. Of course, the price is also more expensive.

    Curvature design is

    divided into spherical and aspherical surfaces. The aspherical surface has better imaging quality and the lens is thinner.

    The Abbe number is
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